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July 19 2017

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Happy Friendship Day status for WhatsApp: 

Friendship day is commended on the primary Sunday of August consistently in India to demonstrate the servitude among companions in include more recollections of your companions throughout your life. 

Friendship Day Status for WhatsApp and Facebook: 

Musings from my heart: 

I've imparted such a great amount to you, 

both astringent and sweet... 

you've been such a solace to me, helping me inside and out 

And all I wanna say today is... treasure you near my heart. 

A companion is a man who trusts in what we can and adores the way we are Its a gift to have a companion like you in my life! 

Upbeat Friendship Day. 

A grin makes us 

look more youthful... 

while petitions 

make us feel 

more grounded... furthermore, 

friends...? They 

make us appreciate life 

for eternity. 

Kinship is a noiseless bond. 

Senior more solid; 

All the more profound all the more clear; 

All the more close hotter; 

What's more, less words all the more understanding. 


Fellowship implies 

understanding, not assention. 

It implies pardoning, 

not overlooking. 

It implies the recollections last, 

regardless of the possibility that contact is lost 

Wish You a Very Happy 

Kinship Day! 

A Real Friend... 

Considerations like a Mom 

Chides like a Dad 

Prods like a Sister 

Disturbs like a Brother 

What's more, cherishes more than a Lover... 

Continuously Right Behind Me 

When I feel as though I'm Lost 

without an end in locate 

I look and there you are 

one stage behind 

When I feel just as 

the world 

Is greater than my 


I look and there you 

are, directly behind me. 

At the point when my greatest dread is 


What's more, I see no real way to win 

I look and there you are 

directly behind me, old buddy

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